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Salfords Light Railway

The Salfords Light Railway diary

October 2002

"She who shall be obeyed" (also known as my girlfriend)... OK, that is not fair, she is very supportive of my interests... has said that any of my ideas on locating a loco and carriage-shed are OK by her. Is she a treasure or what?! So, I have pretty much decided that this is what I will go with for a loco shed, steaming bay and carriage shed. The track in to the front of the house may be a while away yet though, so I have only shown it dashed.

I have also emailed Jeff Price to ask for the additional pair of points (above the 57' in the diagram).

I have started cutting wood for the body of the "Talyllyn-style" bogie coach.

I sent off several emails but never heard anything from the guy advertising the model of "Sir Haydn" on Chris Heapy's web site (see Sept. diary). So I decided to place an ad myself. I thought if I was actually asking, I'd specifically ask for a Hunslet:

Posted: 7th October
WANTED: Looking for 5" gauge Hunslet. Needs to be complete but will accept locos in need of maintenance to get back to A1 condition.

Will gladly travel to inspect.

John Oxlade, Salfords, Surrey, UK

I have had one person from Lancashire contact me who has a loco which he's had running since 1995 but he is now moving to 7". This sounds interesting. It also turns out that we have several mutual friends. This is almost beginning to sound like one of those "meant to happen" situations, so perhaps my run of bad luck has changed. Frank will be visiting the show at Kew Bridge on 16th/17th November for their annual Live Steam Model Railway Show, so I can inspect the loco then - which will save me travelling all the way up to Lancashire. (PS. Frank sent me some photographs and I am definitely interested).

I have been thinking - which is always a dangerous thing to do. I may drop the whole station area another 6" to reduce the gradient coming in to the station. This will only mean taking out the base for the turntable (see "Don't do what I did") and re-doing it as there has been no other construction in this area yet. It would also give me a lot of new dirt.

Jeff Price tells me that my plain track will be shipped on Monday 14th.

I also had an electrician friend come round to check things out for running power out in to the garden for the workshop and lighting. He reckons it is easy, so he's gone off to get some prices for the materials.

Paul sent through these "final" drawings for my comments on the body-style for the industrial Trojan. I have told him to go ahead as it looks good to me.

Image courtesy of Ride on Railways

I've not had much spare-time recently, however I have made a start on building my Trojan chassis. If you are about to build a Trojan yourself, you might like to read my "Trojan Construction Tips".

I have made arrangements with Frank to view the Hunslet when we both visit the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition at Donington Park on Weds 23rd Oct. If all is OK, he'll bring it down to me in the coming weeks as there are several events he'd like to visit. Before you ask, I will not be able to fit the loco in my car.

Having done most of the "machining" on my Trojan, I am now painting prior to assembly. I am using Halfords* own-brand spray paints. My chosen livery is:

  • VW Tornado Red :- buffer beams, wheels, crank and coupling rods
  • Rover Brooklands Green :- bodywork
  • Glossy Black :- chassis

* Halfords is a UK-based motor-spares store. Any car spray-paints would do, but you probably want to avoid metallic colours. I goofed, I picked 3 cans of glossy black only to find one of them was "pearlescent". Not quite the effect I was looking for.

Here's a couple of progress shots of my Trojan as of 20th Oct. 2002. I have run the cables up form the motors, fitted the 4QD controller, battery isolator and battery-level meter. She is almost ready for a track test - if I had track. May have to lift her up on blocks to run-in for a while.

No sign of my track yet - I have called Jeff Price asking for an update. Got a call from Jeff... He's going away for a few days and promises to get to my order on his return. Put another way, no track 'til at least 1st weekend in November.

Just got back from the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. It was a long day but good fun. I also met up with Frank and got to see the Hunslet he has for sale. I should say HAD as I wrote him a cheque on the spot, so once that has cleared she is mine.

(the zig-zag on the image is because of the graphics software I have used to shrink the image and is not on the actual loco)

I have added a new Photo Gallery with some of the models that caught my fancy at the show.

Good news and bad news. I have wired up my Trojan and she runs. Now the bad news. It turns out, though I didn't notice it at the time, that when I put one wheel on it was not completely seated on the axle shoulder (goodness knows how, I was careful). Net result that the wheel is wide to gauge and to top things off, wobbling too. Now this is not much, but it is enough for the rear face of the wheel to stick on the motor mounting stud - even though it is trimmed off level.

I have tried moving the wheel and it won't budge - Loctite sure does its job. Paul has suggested that I heat up the wheel/axle joint with a blow lamp or gas torch as this should loosen the Loctite. If not, I will have to cut the axle out and remove the wheels some how. I originally thought I'd have to build a complete new wheelset, but Paul thinks that worst case I'll have to buy a new axle. So near and yet so far.

I didn't manage to get the wheels off without damaging the axle, so I have asked Paul for a replacement.

I happened to mention to Paul about turntables and the fact that I will probably dig mine out another few inches when I drop the station tracks and he's put some ideas together to make a turntable bridge for me from steel - rather than the wooden one I currently have.

Frank (the current owner of the Hunslet) is unable to get a boiler test done before he can bring her to me, so I am arranging for Maxitrak to test her for me. If there are any problems, he will attend to them at his expense, I just have to return the loco to him at the Kew Bridge show on 16/17th Nov.


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