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Salfords Light Railway

Changes to the Salfords Light Railway web site

As well as the following specific changes, the diary pages are regularly updated. Author:


November: Issued notice of closure of the Salfords Light Railway due to pending move to New Zealand.

July: Not quite sure what is happening with the SLR at the moment. As it is highly likely I will be moving in early 2005 I have put all work on the line on hold. Watch this space.

15th Feb: First visitors in 2004. Also split the visitors gallery in to sections for each year - it was getting out of hand, so there is now one for 2002, 2003 and 2004.

14th Feb: Major change. I have redesigned the website to move away from HTML frames, this will make it possible to bookmark individual pages on the site.


10th Aug: I have added a utility to choose a random homepage image. Over time I will add to the images that will be displayed. You can also go and view all the images which are chosen at random here along with their descriptions.

3rd July: Added another movie from my open day.

29th June: Had my "grand opening" so check out the June Diary page. Added a page of garden railway movies - even if there is only one at the moment, my open day in June 2003.

7th June: Added 2 new Photo Galleries with views of the Beer Heights Light Railway and Moors Valley Railway.

1st June: Added a page of Railway Humour.

18th May: Added a new Photo Gallery with views of the Merstham Valley Railway in operation at the May 2003 show.

12th May: Added a new gallery after visiting the National Model Engineering Exhibition in Harrogate

29th Apr: Added a  new Photo Gallery with some views of the Berliner Parkeisenbahn.

23rd Apr: Added a new Photo Gallery with some views of a small 500mm gauge museum in Germany.

12th Apr: Had a bit of a change round in the Photo Galleries section. Have renamed Visitors to Visiting People, and have added a new Visiting Rolling Stock page.

6th Apr: Added to the References page some catalogue illustrations for Feldbahn rolling stock built by Friedrich Krupp A.G., ESSEN and Arthur Koppel of BERLIN.

5th Apr: First passenger train in to the station.

24th Mar: Loads of activity in the garden, including completion of the pointwork and work on the station starting.

17th Feb: Started a page of jobs to be done. Discontinued the Discussion Forum as it was getting virtually no use and there are plenty of other discussion groups on the Internet - see Links. Improved the navigation bar at the bottom of the diary pages (didn't change the 'updated' dates though), and also added new diary pages for the next few months as there are certain events I need to plan for in advance.

5th Feb: Though it is still very much in its infancy, I have started a page on Miniature railways of my youth.

25th Jan: Minitrains Train Site Award 2003 Just won a 4-star rating from Minitrains.

12th Jan: Added a picture to the "origins" page of the former 16mm:foot line I had round my parent's garden.

3rd Jan 2003: The first steam train on the SLR.

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