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0e - 0-scale modeling of 750/760mm (2'6") gauge

The range

This range of models (all based on Swiss prototypes) have been made by several different manufacturers all using the same tooling: Fama, Utz, Kiss and latterly Roco.

Metre gauge works out to be 22mm in 0-scale and out of the box they are not usable on 16.5mm gauge track.

The Tm 2/2 diesel is a model of one of two locos that were supplied to the Alsen'sche Cement Works at Itzehoe, north of Hamburg by Schöma in 1960. They were built to 860mm gauge, had 230hp Deutz diesel engines and bore the numbers 11 and 12. In 1976, the locos were converted to metre gauge by Schöma and sold to the Furka Oberalp in Switzerland.

Schöma has been building small locos for many years and many narrow gauge (and private standard gauge) railways in Europe have locos built by Schöma, and as such it is reasonable to convert it to 750/760mm gauge. For instance, there are very similar Schöma locos running on the narrow gauge lines on the islands of Wangerooge and Langeoog off of Germany's North Sea coast.

The rest of the range is typical of various Swiss metre-gauge lines and is of little interest to the German 0e modeller.


Tm 2/2 diesel

I have converted one of these locos (the earlier version made by Fama) to 0e and though the handrails are rather over-size, the body is quite nicely tooled.

The Fama loco does look rather "plasticy" and would benefit from re-painting.

The conversion required the substitution of a totally new chassis as the original Fama chassis cannot be re-gauged. I used a Bachmann Branch Lines (British) 00-scale, Great Western 8750 class Pannier tank as the wheel size and wheelbase is almost spot-on for the Tm2/2. The conversion is not difficult but does require some rather brutal work to be done to the Bachmann chassis. » CLICK HERE to read the article.






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