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Written by has been setup to showcase miniature railways from around the world.

Why not use Facebook?

Well, one of the main problems with Facebook is finding things from the past. It is great as a tool for what is happening now, but I have wasted hours trying to go back even a few days to find what I want.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE all the time the disk capacity and bandwidth requirements for the server do not impact my other activities. I will "interview" everyone who applies to make sure they are legitimate miniature railway enthusiasts, and there will be certain ground-rules to follow, but other than that, members will be able to diarise their tracks and activities however they like. has been around in one form or another since 1996 and was setup as a teaching tool for myself to learn HTML. At the time there weren't many websites on non-US railways, and at the time I was specifically interested in German pre-WWII equipment. Thus was born the Railway Discussion Forum for people to talk about just about anything that ran on rails. It is still running 20 years later although the advent of Facebook and other forums means it is nothing like as popular as it once was.

Incidentally, I have got a LONG way to go, and it won't be much until other people start joining-in, so please be patient.