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Salfords Light Railway

Prototype references

Feldbahn rolling stock built by Arthur Koppel, BERLIN

Feldbahn rolling stock built by Friedrich Krupp A.G., ESSEN

Recommended reading & viewing on industrial railways

Recommended reading & viewing on miniature railways

ABC Miniature Railways

Townsend, Holroyd & Butterell

Ian Allan, April 2000, ISBN 0-7110-2713-7

This latest, 2nd edition by the current team of editors, (the first ABC Miniature Railways was by B.G.Wilson in the early sixties followed by an edition edited by Robin Butterell circa late sixties/early seventies), is a pocket guide to over 160 miniature railways in the UK that are open to the public. Each entry includes location and contact details where available, a short description and locomotive list. With a black & white photo on most pages but not of every line. Softback, glossy colour card cover, 122 x 183mm, 96 pages.

The Great Cockrow Railway

Jeremy Clarke

Ian Allan, 1995. ISBN 07-110-2421-9

The story of Ian Allan’s famous 7¼" public railway including antecedents at the Greywood Central Railway. Many black and white prints of the line and colour prints of the locomotives and rolling stock. Softback, glossy colour card cover, A4 format, 46 pages. 

Sir Arthur Heywood & the 15” Gauge Railway


Plateway Press, ISBN 7-871980-22-4

Definitive history of the Victorian railway engineer and his 15” gauge railways. Heywood conceived the idea of 15" as the minimum gauge for serious railway operation, and devoted much of his life to promoting the concept. Includes full description of Heywood’s railways at Dove Leys, Duffield Bank and Eaton Hall, plus notes on other railways (notably the Ravenglass and Eskdale) which his work influenced. The book includes full details of both locomotives and rolling stock. Hardback, 280mm x 215mm. 184 pages, 130 photographs, 37 maps & scale drawings.

Miniature Railways Past & Present

Arthur Lambert

David & Charles, 1982, ISBN 0-7153-8108-1

Featuring the early history of miniature railways, Bassett-Lowke, 15" gauge as a means of transport, RHDR, between the wars, the last 30 years – 7¼" gauge expands, 10½" gauge in parks & leisure centres, new 15" gauge lines. Hardback, 172mm x 250mm, 96 pages, 109 b & w photos. 

Fifteen Inch Gauge Railways

David Mosley and Peter van Zeller

David & Charles, 1986, ISBN 0-7153-8694-8

This excellent book features the work of Sir Arthur Heywood, the influence of the Cagney Brothers, the work of Bassett-Lowke and Greenly, RER, Fairbourne, RHDR & other pre-war lines, postwar developments, developments to 1985, development of steam locomotives, internal combustion locomotives, passenger carriages and wagons, Setting up a miniature railway, track construction and maintenance, signalling and operation. Plus case studies on Southport, Ravenglass, Romney,and Liverpool. Hardback with dust jacket, 172mm x 250mm, 96 pages, 79 b & W photos, 15 maps & illustrations.

The Surrey Border & Camberley Railway

Mitchell, Townsend & Shelmerdine

Plateway Press, ISBN 1-871980-15-1

History of the most ambitious 10¼” gauge railway of all time and its antecedents the Foxhill and Farnborough Miniature Railways. Laid down in 1938, the SB&CR connected Farnborough and Camberley 2½ miles away. Time tabled trains were run 12 months a year until the outbreak of war brought about it’s early demise. Locomotives included Bullock Pacifics and Kitson 2-6-0+0-6-2 Garratts. Chapters cover the origins of the 10¼in gauge, history of the Foxhill and Farnborough railways; construction and operation of the SB&CR; and a biography of all 13 locomotives, The book is illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, maps, contemporary advertisements, tickets etc. Softback, two colour card cover, 173mm x 235mm. 125 b&w photos, 6 maps & track diagrams.

Steam on Britain’s Miniature Railways - 7¼" to 15"

Robin Butterell

Bradford Barton, 1976. ISBN 0-85153-237-3

A pictorial study in the excellent Bradford Barton series. Hard back with dust jacket, 215mm x 222mm, 96 pages, 112 b & w photos with accompanying text.


Graham Whistler Productions

Covers some of the best 5", 7¼", 10¼" and 12¼" lines in Great Britain including the Moors Valley, Stapleford Park and Great Cockrow railways.

(VHS/PAL and VHS/NTSC - Available as of 2002)

Though many of these books are no longer in print, they may be available from: Adrian Sant’s Miniature Railway Book & Artefact Emporium. Most of the book reviews above are Adrian's and are used here with his permission.

Recommended reading & viewing on industrial railways


The Great (Little) Survivors

Cliff Thomas

The Oakwood Press, 2001, ISBN 0 85361 575 6

The definitive book on the Hunslet 0-4-0s which were built for use in Welsh quarries. Largely concentrates on Dinorwic and Penrhyn locos but also covers others.


Sydney Leleux

The Oakwood Press, 1996, ISBN 0 85361 460 1

Provides extensive information on the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway and the surrounding sand pits.


Chalk Pits Museum

Middleton Press, 2000, ISBN 0 906520 09 6

Written in association with the Amberley Working Museum, this is a quick round-up of the industrial railways in the south-east of England - most of which are unfortunately now closed.



Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press, 2000, ISBN 1 901706 45 1

Gives a good overview of the narrow gauge railways in Kent (England), including large sections on the Channel Tunnel construction railway and the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch.



including South London

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press, 2003, ISBN 1 901706 87 7

Gives a good overview of the narrow gauge railways in Surrey (England), including the former Brockham Museum (now Amberley Working Museum) and the Standard Brick & Sand Co. Ltd. at Holmethorpe near where my parents live and I grew up.


Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press, 2001, ISBN 1 901706 68 0

Gives a good overview of the narrow gauge railways in Sussex (England), including a large section on the Amberley Working Museum.


The Ivo Peters' Collection - Volume 4



49 mins of film mostly covering the Padarn and Penrhyn quarries, but includes the Talyllyn and Festiniog railways.

(VHS/PAL - Available as of 2002)


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