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Salfords Light Railway

The final run of the Salfords Light Railway

The "final run" was actually spread over 2 days; family on Saturday 4th December, Paul Middleton on Sunday 5th.

Sorry about the state of the grass - it has been too wet to cut since we came back from New Zealand in October. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Final run #1 - Saturday 4th December 2004

I had a quick spruce-up of the garden and the family came round around 11:00 for the final run. Pip and I donned Santa-suits (boy did I feel a twit!) and there were hot mince-pies and donuts.

Funny thing, the batteries were a bit "lacking" and we couldn't run for more than an hour or so. (See below).

Pip and her nephew William were some of the last riders - coincidentally they were also the first.

Pip insisted that we both dress up in Santa suits - how embarrassing.

Final run #2 - Sunday 5th December 2004

Paul Middleton of Ride on Railways came over with his family and to pick up the remainder of the rolling-stock. Paul was going to bring a Hercules for a final run but as the whole family wanted to come he didn't - there wasn't room in the car.

Just before Paul arrived, another buyer came round and had my turntable kit and 2 pairs of points, so we were restricted to running on the mainline.

After having the batteries on charge all night, they were still a bit lacking on the Sunday morning; which was a bit odd.


After running for a couple of hours, Paul packed away all of my stock in the back of his car and the stock of the SLR was driven away.

Footnote: When Paul got back home, he put a battery condition meter on my 2 batteries and found that one of them was completely shot. I think my TROJAN didn't like the idea of being sold and decided to "play up" on the final day.


As well as some still photos, Paul took some film on his video camera.

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