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Salfords Light Railway

The Salfords Light Railway diary

May 2004

7th-9th May: 11th Annual National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition, Harrogate. Due to personal commitments I have had to drop out of the show and will not be able to help out Paul Middleton of Ride on Railways.


After much soul-searching I have decided to put my quarry Hunslet up for sale. I have only steamed him twice in the last year and he is too fine a loco not to use. A lot of things have happened in the last 2 years and I feel it is time to find him a good home.

SOLD - 4 hours after placing the notice.

Seeing as a couple of people have asked... I am only selling the Hunslet. I do not plan to get rid of the rest of my 5" stock, however, there is a possibility in the next 6-9 months that I might be moving house, so I am a little reluctant to do a lot more work on the line until I know what is happening. I do know that if I move there will have to be space for a son-of SLR or an SLR II.

15-16th May: Off to the Merstham Model Steam Show. This is the show based at the school where I helped build the 7.25" gauge line back in 1989. Almost on my doorstep, this show is well worth visiting for anyone interested in live-steam models (mostly 16mm- or G-scale).

26th May: The new owner of PETER turned up today and we loaded him in to the back of his car. PETER is now off to Germany to run on a couple of club tracks in the Frankfurt area.


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