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Salfords Light Railway

The Salfords Light Railway diary

September, October and November 2003

Several things have been going on in "my life outside railways" that have caused a stall in progress on the railway. Also, probably due to working flat-out earlier in the year I am a bit burnt-out.

I need to get out there and do some construction work and until the last few weeks the ground has been too hard due to lack of rain.

Putting it all together, I haven't made any progress in the last few months. Hopefully, once Christmas is out of the way things will improve.

Things that definitely need doing:

  • Locoshed, turntable etc.
  • Check-rails on the points
  • The trackbed along the chain-link fence wants digging out and raising.

I also need to pick up all the wood-bark by the station and re-seed the grass. The wood-bark was a convenient stop-gap, but I don't like the look of it long term.


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