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Salfords Light Railway

The Salfords Light Railway diary

July 2003

I am not making very good progress this month. For one reason it has been stiflingly hot for the last few weekends and not really practical to go outside and "work". I obviously still have loads to do outside, so this is a bit annoying. However, we don't get many decent summers in England, so I shouldn't really complain.

The track along the chain-link fence side of the garden seems to have settled quite a lot (evidence of slipping coming up the hill with a full load at the barbeque) so I will look in to adding some gravel boards to hold the ballast and then raise the track. Not sure by how much yet, I just need to ease the gradient at the top by the shed.

A little while back I placed an order for a panelled bogie coach as I am getting a little fed-up with scraping my behind along the ground. The design should look something like this when it is finished.

I was originally going to make one myself, but to be honest I don't have the time.

At Harrogate I placed a provisional order for a Ride on Railways braked driving truck - I need something to go behind the Hunslet. I hope to receive this in the not too distant future.
The SLR has had its first international guest.

Alan Rees (a regular visitor to the site) was visiting from Switzerland and stopped off on his way back to Gatwick Airport. The weather was none too promising but Alan managed a few trips round the garden before it started raining.

Well, the person I commissioned the bogie coach body from has come up trumps. This is the photo he emailed me of the body hot from the workshop.

I should be going to pick it up next weekend, just in time for my open day for the local US model railway club on 9th August.

Doris and I have split up and though we shall remain friends, she is no longer my "girlfriend". Doris was instrumental in getting my railway built and it would not be fair to go round and remove all references to her.


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