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Salfords Light Railway

The Salfords Light Railway diary

December 2002

I have decided to put off my "grand opening" until the New Year - mostly because I don't have my pointwork yet, and there are only a few weeks 'til the Christmas and New Year holidays anyway.

So near and yet so far. The weather today was absolutely ghastly until mid afternoon. I could've only gotten in half an hour or so of work and everything is completely sodden out there as it rained so much, so I have decided to put off completing the circuit 'til next weekend - darn.

I am not 100% convinced that my short curve on the chain-link fence side is such a good idea. The smooth curve round the birdbath is fine, but I have a kink where it straightens up to join the straights. I may have to see about getting some rail rolled to a larger radius to fit in here.

I have ordered 2 lengths of rail from Jeff Price at Miniature Railway Supply Co. rolled to 25' radius to replace the "short kink" near the bird bath - it didn't look right from the moment I put it in. It'll do 'til the replacements arrive though. I also ordered some more fishplates and bolts - it is amazing where they get to.

7th December 2002, 11:45.

I managed to bolt the remaining 2 track panels in place and ran a train round (several times actually). However, the weather is really naff - cold, damp and generally horrible, so I had to pack up and come in doors. It really was a grotty day so it wasn't even worth getting the camera out.

Just got a phone call from Jeff Price - my pointwork is ready to collect. I will try and see who could give me a lift up to Hemel Hempstead as I cannot fit it in my car. If no lift is possible, I will ask Jeff to ship it to me.

Pip, a good friend from college days round. She "borrowed" her nephew for a ride on the line. That makes William McCaffrey, 7months old the first "passenger" on the line. That is him on the back of the train in the view above (safely strapped in - and down for that matter).

She enjoyed herself so much I thought she'd keep driving round all day - "it's very relaxing isn't it?". Another convert!

Rather than put them all here, I have set up a new page for "Visitors" to the line.

Another friend of mine has offered to give me a lift to Jeff's for the track (it certainly won't fit in my car!), now all I have to do is arrange a mutually convenient time.

Had far too many migraines lately which is why the loco hasn't advanced much. However I have a 2 week break over Christmas and the New Year so should be able to crack on with several jobs that need doing:

  • Pointwork
  • Loco
  • Carriage body - so I don't skid by behind along the ground every time I go for a ride!

Ouch, that was expensive. Just got back from Jeff Price's Miniature Railway Supply Company. I picked up 6 pairs of points, one 25' radius curve (OK, 2 rails) and a 3' diameter turntable ring-rail. I now have some pointwork to build over Christmas.

That wasn't too bad I managed to assemble the Wye-point in about 3 hours. Now I know how to do it, I reckon the others shouldn't take much more than 2 hours.

Finished all 3 pairs of points (turnouts) for the triangle (wye). One of the reasons Jeff Price likes people to pick up their track is so that he can show you how the various bits go together - it is far easier to show than explain.

Not sure if Jeff is going to in the future, but he doesn't provide assembly instructions, so I have taken the liberty of taking shots during the construction of one of mine, with particular attention to the "less obvious" bits. So if you are interested, go check out "How to build a pair of points (turnout)".

After completing the points for the triangle (wye), I installed the two that go in the main circuit. The third one requires some more digging and trackbed preparation. I also need to fit a few more sleepers on the curved panel at the bottom of these shots.

Under the grass there is the remains of an old concrete path that I was going to take out when I re-turf or re-seed the lawn later (after chewing the grass up to build the railway). Murphy's Law states that the long sleepers for the point-lever came right were the path was, so I had to take out a fairly big lump - which made a right mess. Oh well, it was going to come out eventually anyway.

I got round to filling the various "nicks" in the body of my Trojan with car body filler, just need to rub it all down and paint it. This is easier said than done, the weather has turned foul - not the best for painting.

When I was a kid, my sister used to play Osmond songs over and over - drove me crazy. Anyway, the words from one seem most appropriate today: "And when the rain comes down we're ever getting wet...". It chucked it down like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, went out to the shed and rubbed-down and primed the Trojan body.

A good friend is due round on Friday after New Year and we hope to get my Hunslet out in the garden for a run. It better stop bloomin' raining by then!!


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