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Salfords Light Railway

The Salfords Light Railway diary


Notice is hereby given that due to the main investor in the Salfords Light Railway emigrating to New Zealand, the railway shall, henceforth, cease operations and be dismantled.

Subsequent disposition of the assets of the Salfords Light Railway shall be dependent on the main investor finding a suitable location for said assets in New Zealand.

Parties interested in the possible purchase of said assets for re-use in the United Kingdom should contact the main investor by email.

For and on behalf of the Salfords Light Railway,

3rd November 2004 (updated 14th Dec.)

21mm aluminium rail 4.50 per 3m length: 11x 10' radius track panels (i.e. 22 lengths of rail), 2x 20' radius RAILS (not assembled in to a panel), 5x straight panels (i.e. 10 lengths of rail), 7x unused straight rails, assorted shorter panels SOLD

6 points, 10' radius: 150 each - complete including point lever (3x left, 2x right, 1x wye) - 2 SOLD, 2x left, 1x right, 1x wye remaining.

RoR turntable kit complete with ring-rail: unused, 50 SOLD

RoR Trojan: Chassis, industrial body, controller SOLD

4x RoR tipper wagons: SOLD

PnP tipper: SOLD

Wooden open wagon: 120 SOLD

RoR early style sprung chassis: SOLD

RoR Panel coach SOLD


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