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Photo Galleries @ The Salfords Light Railway

British Industrial Sand, Redhill, Surrey

Formerly Standard Brick & Sand Co. Ltd.

All of these views were taken at the Homethorpe sidings of BIS shortly before they were taken out of use in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the specific date is not recorded.

There were 2 locos visible, and possibly a 3rd in the shed. The whole system was generally run-down, although the fact that the same loco is recorded in 2 different locations indicated that there was still some activity.

A 2' gauge network operated with steam and diesels was replaced by a series of conveyor belts in 1964.

The book SURREY NARROW GAUGE (including South London) by Middleton Press, 2003, ISBN 1 901706 87 7 has some photos of the former 2' gauge system.

This facility was within walking distance from my parent's house when I was growing up.


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