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The Amberley Working Museum

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Taken at the Railway Gala Weekend, 13th and 14th July 2002

Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Society's quarry Hunslet "CLOISTER" visiting from Kew Bridge Steam Museum.



From left to right:

Motor Rail Simplex type 60s, Ruston & Hornsby 16/20hp and Decauville 0-4-0 "BARBOUILLEUR" outside the loco shed.



Motor Rail number 1381, built in 1918 for the Ministry of Munitions during World War I. This is a "protected" (not "armoured") Simplex. The armoured version has a more substantial roof. The armoured side panels are currently removed.



"Bent frame" 20 h.p. Simplex also built for the Ministry of Munitions in World War I. Formerly owned by the City of Chichester Sewage Works, this example was rebuilt as war surplus by F.C. Hibberd in 1936.



Hudson Hunslet "Blue Star". An ex-MOD loco, this was used in the making of the James Bond film "A View to A Kill", some scenes of which were filmed at the museum in 1984.



One of the many Motor Rail Simplexes formerly used at the extensive sand pit system at Leighton Buzzard. No. 27 was built in 1934.



"Redland" built by Orenstein& Koppel in 1937 previously worked for Redland Pipes Ltd. at Ripley in Surrey.



Also built by Orenstein & Koppel in 1937, "The Major", this loco formerly worked at the Dorking Greystone Lime Co. Ltd.



Fowler 'Resilient' "PELDON" of 1936 - the only 2' gauge example still in working order. It last worked at the Alpha Cement Co. at Cliffe in Kent, moving to the museum at Brockham before coming to Amberley in 1982.



A Ransome and Rapier type 80 built in 1937. This is one of only 2 still known to exist. It was acquired in 1966 from Chinnor Cement & Lime Co. in Oxfordshire.



Motor Rail Simplex type 60s. This loco was acquired without an engine or gearbox and was rebuilt by Alan Keef of Ross-on-Wye.



R.A. Lister 4wPM 'R' type #34521 of 1949

Various V-tipper wagons at the museum. The one with the hand-brake still has the Z logo of Zorin Industries from the making of the James Bond film "A View to A Kill" in 1984.

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