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7¼" gauge in the garden

Rolling stock


Passenger-carrying vehicles


Number 1

As part of the "bundle" when I bought POEM I got a bogie passenger coach with vacuum brakes. Apart from needing a "spruce up" and a repaint the carriage is fine.

She does however weigh a ton. Due to her weight and length she's not ideal to take to other tracks with POEM so I will design a lighter, shorter carriage that can fit across the drawbar of my trailer (see below).

Carriage Number 1 is currently on loan to the Hamilton Model Engineers as I have nowhere to run it myself.


Number 2

John Bremner and I are currently building a new carriage that will sit on the drawbar of my trailer. Number 1 is too long and too heavy to carry about for the odd occasion when I'd need my own ride-car, so a short one is good enough for now.

Freight vehicles


None at present, but I'll need some soon as I am starting work on my own track soon.

See also the Workshop page.

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