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Fleischmann Magic Train
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Märklin Minex passenger carriages Updated
Fleischmann box van #1
Fleischmann box van #2
Re-gauging the Fama Tm 2/2



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0e - 0-scale modeling of 750/760mm (2'6") gauge

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The coach, box van and open wagon are available in different liveries

The range

The Märklin Minex range was based on a number of Württemberg (German) prototypes. Rather ironically, though there were plenty of 750mm prototypes to choose from, the only steam loco they offered was based on a metre-gauge prototype.

Only manufactured from 1970 to 1972, the models are not common but show up on eBay quite often. It should be noted that with such a short production run they can be quite scarce and the box vans in particular fetch a high price.

The models have a couple of issues, some of which are typical of models of the 1970s:

  • All of the models are somewhat under scale
  • The diesel (though generally a good model) is built on a 3-axle chassis where it should only have 2-axles - I suspect it shares the chassis with a standard H0-scale loco
  • The passenger coach either has the wrong sized windows or is too short depending on what prototype it was based on (click on image to right for more info.)
  • The box van and open wagon only have two axles whereas the prototypes have three

If you were happy with 3-rail AC you could build a layout based around these two locos and the Minex and Fleischmann cars.


These models are 3-rail AC and cannot be run on conventional 2-rail DC or DCC layouts. Replacement wheels are available from Addie Modell or Rolf Tonner.


Conversion of the locos to 2-rail would be quite a lot of work, though Henke Modellbau and Addie Modell both produce a set of replacement, insulated wheels for the steam loco. Even so, the valvegear is still quite basic by modern standards.

Watch this space for conversions of the models to 2-rail DC.


Eine kurze Geschichte: Die Märklin MINEX Schmalspurbahn



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