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Fleischmann Magic Train
Märklin Minex
Fama / Roco

Märklin Minex passenger carriages Updated
Fleischmann box van #1
Fleischmann box van #2
Re-gauging the Fama Tm 2/2



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0e - 0-scale modeling of 750/760mm (2'6") gauge

I always seem to make life difficult for myself. There have been a number of 0e models of Württemberg rolling stock made over the years, but now that I want them, they have all been discontinued. I shall endeavour to kitbash or scratchbuild what I want, but I shall have to make some compromises along the way.

Please click on one of the images to view more info on that item of rolling stock (if available). As I work on each model I will devote a separate page to each of them.

A small note on couplings: The subject of couplings is a little "fraught"; you have to decide on prototype fidelity or functionality; and the two do not tend to come together. Many people use H0-scale Kadee couplers as they are small, neat and work very well. The problem is they don't look anything like the real thing. The 750mm gauge railways of Württemberg used a central link-and-pin buffer coupler. Henke Modellbau make these and Addie Modell make the Sachsen (Saxony) equivalent. Both use real links and real pins making (un)coupling fiddly - but they look very good. It comes down to an entirely personal choice; form or function. I have a lot of experience with Kadees and they work very well, but I will test some Henke couplers before making a final decision.

Steam locomotives

? ?
99 ??? 0-6-0T #1 (Märklin - to be modified) 99 ??? 0-6-0T #2 (Märklin - to be modified)    
Resita 0-8-0T (KS-Modelleisenbahn) 0-4-0T (Fleischmann - modified)    

Diesel locomotives

V22 01 (Märklin - to be modified) V22 02 (Märklin - to be modified) V23 01 (Roco - to be modified) V23 02 (Roco - to be modified)
Kö 1 (Fleischmann) Kö 2 (Fleischmann)    

Passenger stock

Coach #1 (Märklin) Coach #2 (Märklin) Coach #3 (Märklin) Coach #4 (Märklin)
Coach #5 (Märklin) Coach #6 (Märklin) Coach #7 (Märklin) Coach #8 (converted Märklin)
Coach #9 (Fleischmann) Coach #10(Fleischmann conversion)    

Freight stock

Wagon #1 (Fleischmann) Wagon #2 (Fleischmann) Wagon #3 (Fleischmann) Wagon #4 (Märklin)
Wagon #5 (Märklin) Wagon #6 (Märklin) Wagon #7 (Roco / Fama) Wagon #8 (Roco / Fama)

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