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0e - 0-scale modeling of 750/760mm (2'6") gauge

There are other variations of these basic models in the range

The range

The Fleischmann Magic Train range was produced between 1992 and 2009 and is based on a number of Austrian 760mm gauge prototypes. STAINZ in particular is well known as LGB has made a G-scale version of it for many years. The real STAINZ is a tiny loco and even though 0-scale, the model turns out smaller than many standard-gauge H0-scale locos. Fleischmann produced the model in various guises, though (as far as I know) only STAINZ was prototypical.

There is also a small 4-wheel diesel based on a DEUTZ (German) prototype. One of the variations of this model that Fleischmann produced was a model of the loco owned by Club 760 in Austria.

All the rolling-stock is based around the same 4-wheel (2-axle) chassis:

  • There are two different passenger carriage bodies, one with ventilators above the windows, one without, and two different roofs; making four possible variations - all of which Fleischmann marketed in a number of different liveries.
  • The freight stock consisted of a number of open wagons, a box van and a tank wagon.

These are all nicely made models and could quite easily be used as-is, though they do benefit from some minor detailing work. In particular, the standard chassis has a gas bottle on the underside which should be removed on the freight stock; originally the passenger cars would've been lit by gas.

Though of Austrian prototypes, the carriages are in use on several 750/760mm gauge lines throughout Europe. In particular, the Öchsle Schmalspurbahn in Germany has several of them with with the "duckbill" roof ends (like the photo of the blue carriage on the right).

Fleischmann stopped manufacturing the Magic Train range in 2009 though they are still available (eBay for instance).


These models are standard, 2-rail DC and can be run on normal H0-scale track.

Be aware that the models in the starter sets usually have fewer detail parts than the items bought separately.


It is a fairly simple matter to carve off the under-floor gas bottle and this should be done on all of the freight stock.
A good "beginners" kitbash is to remove the brake platform from the box van. This entails shortening the roof and chassis and only takes an hour or so. If you are careful you don't even have to touch-up the paintwork. » CLICK HERE to read the article.
A next-step kitbash is to lengthen the box van - perhaps by using the leftovers from the kitbash above. » CLICK HERE to read the article.



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