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0e - 0-scale modeling of 750/760mm (2'6") gauge


Though popular before the second world war 0-scale has declined in favour since as homes have gotten smaller; 0-scale layouts simply take up too much space. As a result, there has only been limited support for 0-scale in recent years, and modelling narrow-gauge in 0-scale is even less common (in Europe at any rate).

There have been a few companies who have ventured in to modelling in 0e as this allows the use of common H0-scale trackwork and mechanisms. In recent years, Bachmann has released a reasonably large range of 0n30 (US-prototype) models and these have been well received. Many modellers in the US however point out that there were very few 2'6" gauge lines in the US and the models are therefore a compromise when modelling the more common 3' gauge. However, 16.5mm gauge scales to almost exactly 750mm or 760mm gauge which is much more common in Europe.

Though there are a number of specialist companies in Europe that make models to 0e scale, there have only been two real offerings from mass-market companies; Fleischmann and Märklin and neither of these are now in production. Märklin's Minex range was only available for two years in the 1970s but they do show up quite often on eBay. Fleischmann produced their Magic Train range from 1992 to 2009. Neither the Fleischmann nor Märklin ranges were large and were mostly variations on a few core models. That said, you can assemble quite a nice small layout using just a few models.

One other source of equipment (albeit one that needs regauging) is the range that has been made variously by Utz, Fama, Kiss and latterly Roco. These are all of Swiss metre-gauge prototypes and therefore of limited interest, however they made a Schöma 2-axle diesel very similar to some of the locos used on the islands of Wangerooge and Langeoog (off of Germany's North Sea coast ).

Other than these models, 0e is largely the realm of several specialist, small-series manufacturers and the models are usually difficult to get hold of, and normally quite expensive. Check the links page for some of these manufacturers or click on the images below for more info on these ranges.

Fleischmann Magic Train Märklin Minex Fama / Roco







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